Friday, January 2, 2009

Visit from the Fisher's

Keith and Amy Fisher and their two girls, Samantha and Madeline, were our next door neighbors in Tucson. Actually, when we first moved to Tucson a little over 12 years ago, they lived about 6 houses down the street from us. They were some of our first babysitters. We moved to the next street over when Lauren was 3. When our other neighbors moved, I told Keith and Amy and they bought the house. We all went to the same church and really enjoyed each other's company. They would drop by all the time, especially after Samantha and Maddy were born. (We are the house with all the candy, you know!)

We have truly been blessed with wonderful neighbors over the years. Mike and Sandy, Steve and Sonia, Pete and Collyn, Jason and Nicole, and others who didn't live directly next door to us, but were close and of course, the Fisher's.

We saw Keith a couple of weekends ago when he was here going visiting a college buddy of his. They invited Shane to join them for a U of A football game here and then we went to breakfast with him the next morning. Lauren and I begged him to come back after Christmas to visit us with the girls. He agreed.

They decided to come on the 26th. They were spending Christmas with Keith's sister and her family in Phoenix, so they figured they were already mostly here. After a wrong turn turned their trip into a tri-state travel extravaganza (you will have to ask Amy about that), they arrived. Lauren and the girls (aged 6 and 4) were soooo excited to see each other!

They were only here a short time. We played Rock Band and Mario Kart Saturday morning. We went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner, visited the M&M store, I took girls home to bed, Shane, Keith, and Amy lost money at the South Point Casino on Saturday night. Sunday morning we went to the Silverton for a buffet brunch (you have to do at least one buffet while in Vegas). It was a whirlwind visit, but hopefully won't be the last one...
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On Eagle's Wings said...

That's awesome that they made the trip! I know they had fun. I will have to ask Amy about the wrong turn! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Heather. I feel so bad that we haven't gotten the girls together since you moved. I have somehow lost your phone number and Madison didn't have any luck emailing Lauren for it. Email it to me when you get a chance and we can hook up. I am glad that you are getting settled here in Las Vegas. We still really miss Tucson. Hope you are having a good week.