Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two down...two to go...

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Lauren had her 2nd gymnastics meet as a level 3 gymnast! She beat her overall score from the last meet by 2.0 points. 34.15 got her 5th place overall in her age group. She was 0.40 points from 2nd place. It was a tight race. This meet allowed her to compete with gymnasts from other gyms, not just ours.

I always worry she will get stressed out or feel too much pressure. Moms... She finished her vault and there was a lot of waiting time before her bar routine. I looked over at her and she was yawning. Yawning. Oh, yeah, feeling some pressure and stress there. NOT! I am actually very thankful she is a lot like me in that respect. She gets excited before the meet and talks way more than she usually does (yes, surprisingly, that is possible!), but once there she finds her groove and gets the job done.

Vault - She rocked the vault with a 9.05. Her friend, McKenna, got a 9.1. Very, very cool!

Bars - She struggled with her back hip circle (a move she could probably do in her sleep). This was the move she overrotated and "fell" last week, so she undercast (didn't put enough ummph into it) and had to really fight to pull out the hip circle. She did it and ended up with an 8.20.

Beam - Her beam routine this time was much better than last time. No fall. High split jump, great handstand. She got an 8.4...I think she was robbed. The downfall this meet was they timed the routine. Our girls all got dinged on time.

Floor - 8.50 on floor. She was a little sloppy toward the end of the routine which is more dancey artistic-y stuff - not her strong suit. This gym awarded blue ribbons for any event over a 9.0 and red for 8.0-8.99 and white for lower than an 8.0. They also all got a trophy for participating with their overall rank. Pretty cool!

We have promised her special things for beating her scores. She wants the Club Penguin game for her DS. We told her if she beats this score at her next meet she can get it. For this one, we aren't sure what her reward is and she isn't sure either. Maybe a webkinz (but she goes through spurts with those). Who knows?

Her next meet is February 8. My parents and Shane's parents and grandmother will be here to watch her compete in that one. She is very excited.

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Scribbit said...

I'm impressed by anyone who can do that--I'm as stiff and un-flexible as you could be I swear.