Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in Vegas

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We were scrooges this year. The only tree we put up was a 6" tree I bought for Lauren at Urban Outfitters with some little ornaments. I didn't even get a picture taken of it...bah humbug! We have been in the house a couple of months, but still don't have everything where it should go. Mostly because stuff just doesn't go in this house... Anyway, we didn't want to drag down all the indoor Christmas stuff because that would require us looking through what we already put away to find it. We were already disappointed because we LOVE putting up outdoor lights and trim and other such stuff and this is not the house to do it. We try to stay pretty tasteful, but have creeped somewhat into tacky at times. We also loved that our street in Tucson was really into decorating as well. This house is in a little cul de sac of sorts that faces the backs of other houses. We are also in the very back of our development. AND, the house is not conducive to hanging lights (not that anyone would see them if we did!). If I sound somewhat bitter, I probably am a little. Christmas lights are really about the only tradition the Crosley's have that is somewhat in line with traditionalists. We are not really all that traditional in any holiday. We used to throw a mean Super Bowl party and we are great at Leap Year parties (ask and I can fill you in if you want to start your own tradition). But, mainstream holidays really elude us as to how to celebrate. We eat out on Thanksgiving and Christmas (and pretty much every other holiday).

In our early years, we had a two foot tree given to us by one of my friends. She actually decorated it and set it up for our first few years of marriage. Once Lauren was born, we had the Christmas ficus. I just threw some lights on our fake ficus tree and presents went under that. Then, in a burst of holiday spirit, came the Christmas garland - it had lights and ornaments, but was just a garland. We got a 6 foot tree a few years ago and Lauren is the one who puts the ornaments on it. I put it up and wrap it with ribbon. It is gold and maroon. Sometimes cookies are made, but mostly not. Lauren would love for us to be more traditional and every year I vow to try a little harder, but...

This year, the holiday spirit was just not here. We are not surrounded by family or friends and while there are some plusses to that, there are some minuses too.

I guess we just have to find our Vegas groove. Maybe next year will be more traditional...or maybe not.


hercstall said...

We got Madison and Gabrielle a scooter as well. The girls love them. We need to get those girls together!!!

cara said...

I'm totally feeling you~! I did decorate, but I just didn't feel myself this year. I'm usually ALL into it. Next year.. who knows, Jimmy will be in Bahrain!!! Maybe I'll come to Vegas!!!