Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow in Vegas...SNOW in VEGAS???

Yep, most of you have already heard - it was all over the news! We got 4-6" on the ground...and it stuck for a couple of days! It was amazing. Shane had told me before we moved here the summers were a little hotter than Tucson (which I knew), but the winters were colder (which I did not know). I didn't think he meant this much colder! Actually, it was a freak of nature apparently. This snowfall was the most Vegas has seen in 30 years. I tried to take videos of snow falling, but it is very difficult to capture flakes of snow falling on a white background, so no go on those. Lauren got another snow day (she had a freakish snow day once in Tucson after the Super Bowl snow of '06, I think). Poor baby could only play outside for a tiny bit as she does not have any snow gear other than a coat. Crocs do not do well in snow for protection from cold and wet. She wanted to make snow ice cream, but the snow wasn't as clean as it should be (especially after falling though our smog layer). We told her Colorado and Wyoming snow is much better for ice cream.

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