Monday, October 27, 2008

Fright Dome

I mentioned Lauren would be spending Saturday evening at her new gym for some Halloween party...

Shane, Alex, and I decided to go to FrightDome at Circus Circus. We started our evening dropping Lauren off at the gym then going to the strip to eat. We chose Margaritaville and had a nice little dinner. Then off to the FrightDome. The tickets were $33.95 for the regular entrance and $48.95 for the fast pass. We chose fast pass because none of us are too patient at waiting in lines that are not for Disney (and even then, I prefer fast passes). We entered a dark, strobe light extravaganza...the first of the 5 haunted houses we came upon was Chainsaw Massacre. There was a guy outside of chainsaw massacre chasing people with a chainsaw. It may not have been real, but it smelled and sounded very real! While we were in the line to go in - I completely freaked when I heard the "monster" coming back revving up his machine. I left Shane and Alex and went to wait for them outside.

They finished up a couple of hours later. As I was waiting for them, one of the ushers asked if I was waiting for my kids. Nope, my husband. That got a good laugh from all the ushers standing at the exit. Shane and Alex had a good time rating and laughing about their misadventures - Shane got an entire tour lost in one of the houses!

Needless to say, Shane, not happy about my wasting his $48.95 by sitting outside like a big wuss. He plans to take his money back in "trade", which I really think he prefers...typical.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Lauren joined one of the clubs at her school. Shane and I call it the "Do gooder club" or her "Save the World club". She isn't too fond of either nickname for the "Give Back Club". They sent a flyer out mid last week about a 5K fun run today (October 25) for charity. We all decided to participate. Alex did the most training (man, what I wouldn't give for a 24 year old body and mind!) with one week of running every night. Shane ran once, but it was an overdone run where he ran way too long and too far for someone who hasn't run in years! I ran once and really did okay. However, my good intentions to run every night were thwarted by gymnastics (see previous post) and other such nonsense. Lauren ran the one time with me.

So....Alex finished first with a time of 33 minutes; Shane with 35 minutes; Lauren at 45 minutes; and I finished! ;-) Lauren stuck with Shane and Alex for the first half mile, then her shoe laces came undone and she came back with me. I was on a pretty good little pace for myself (run 5 cones and walk 2-3 cones place about 1/10 of a mile apart). She is a great sprinter, but when the rest times came she was more into those. My even pace was thrown for a loop. She is also a clinger wanting to hold my hand or arm while we were walking which slowed me down even more. When we were within 1/4 mile of the finish I let her race on ahead. Shane and Alex cheered her on. Both of them missed seeing me right behind Lauren since they were so excited to see her!!

I also got injured which really has slowed me down for most of the race (not that I would have broken any land speed records with no injury or child holding me back, but...). Here are some pictures, especially for those of you whining you haven't seen any pictures of me (I am in the middle picture, that is Alex, Shane's cousin on the bottom with Shane and Lauren for those of you who might mistake me for a hot, young 24 year old!)!

I hope to keep up on the running and possibly get back into it. I ran years ago, developed shin splints training for a marathon and stopped training and gained all my weight back. I really do sort of miss it, okay maybe not really, but it was a necessary evil that let me eat lots more dessert than I eat now. I will keep you posted....probably....maybe....we'll see...

Gymastics - finally

We finally got Lauren back into gymnastics after a 3 month respite. We were a little afraid she had lost some skills. We went in to do a trial class. They were going to put her into a beginner class, but was able to have one of the instructors test her right away. They put her into the Blue group. As she was practicing with the blue group the owner saw her and pulled her to test her further and moved her up into the Bronze group which is a competitive group. It is about the equivalent of an Arizona Level 3A (advanced). It is a lower level competition - most states don't even let their level 3's compete. It will be a great experience and Lauren is thrilled with the fact she is learning routines along with new skills. She is currently going to be attending twice per week (one day down from Tucson) and we will see how that goes. Competitions are supposed to start at the beginning of the year, so we will try to keep up on updates.

Click to play Lauren in gymnastics
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The pictures aren't the best. It is hard to take pictures through plexi. Tonight she is going to a Parent's Night Out which the gym does every month (are we loving this gym or what!!!). She will be there from 6pm-12am. Shane, Alex, and I are going to Circus Circus to check out the multiple haunted houses they advertise. Should be fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bite of Las Vegas

We went to the Bite of Las Vegas this past weekend. Although I really, really, really meant to get some pictures, I did not. Except this one...

Click to play Shane
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I really need to get better. I do carry my camera around all the time. I just can't seem to bring it out until someone reminds me.

Children's Museum

Last weekend (seems I stay about a week behind here...hmmmm)...anyway, last weekend Lauren, Alex, and I went to the Children's Museum here in Vegas. I am on a quest to find the best children's museum out there. So far, Boston is the best, but Albuquerque isn't too shabby. This one ranks in the middle of the pack somewhere.

Click to play Children's Museum
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Let me know if you have a good children's museum in your area. We really love checking them out!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A visit, an addiction, braces, and a bookcase

I woke up last Sunday with a feeling of "What am I forgetting?" I woke Shane up and told him I thought I had to go to Tucson that day for my orthodontist appointment the next day. We looked through the last of the boxes in the garage (about 15 - 20 of them with books in them) and found my appointment book in the last one we looked in. Typical! Sure enough, I had an ortho appointment in Tucson tomorrow. I packed a quick bag and Shane's cousin, Alex, who is staying with us let me borrow the first 5 disks of the Twilight book (yes, of the Twilight series). And, I was on my way...

On my way I had to call Nicole (she was at church when I left the house), to beg a bed for the night. She said there was a bed ready! By the time I got to Tucson, I was through the first 5 disks of the book. By this point, I was fully addicted and had to find out why Edward was so attracted to the boring Bella and had more questions. So, I stopped at Borders to get the first book, so I could finish reading it that night, and Book 2 on CD, so I could listen to it on the way home. I have yet to find out why boring Bella has attracted the Adonis like Edward's attention, but am now through book 3. I will probably go get book 4 today while we are out.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Adelyn and Luke.
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I also got good news - my braces come off (for the second time) next month! Yay!! This time I do not have a toddler to lose my retainer - this one will all be on me. I think Shane is done paying for braces for me - it is Lauren's turn now! That should be fun! NOT! Her pain tolerance runs in the negative numbers and not that braces are real painful, but they aren't real comfortable all the time either. I will keep everyone posted and may be begging to ship her off for a couple of years until her braces come off!

That leaves the bookcase. I had 5 cheap, small, 2 shelf bookcases we bought years ago. In Tucson, they were used in the laundry room, under the desk in the kitchen, and various other places that were somewhat hidden. They have the faux wood veneer - yes, I should have taken a before picture, but I didn't, so you have to use your imagination. Anyway, I was ready to toss them and go get a nicer, bigger bookcase for the living room downstairs. It is about the only place I can put one and I really need book space! As I was pricing the bookcases I liked, I was getting discouraged - bookcases are not cheap! Sooo, I was reading through my friend Cara's blog and saw her refinishing how-tos. I told Shane we were going to build a bookcase out of the bookcases we had. The excitement oozed from every pore of his - yeah, right! He was game to save a few hundred dollars though. I sanded, primed, and painted the bookshelves (not with spray paint, sorry Cara! I am horrendously not good at spray painting - no patience). Then we attached them and cut some pine planks on all the connection areas and some decorative trim pieces. Here is the finished product - I LOVE IT! It isn't the sturdiest on the planet, but it works and really looks good when you aren't right up next to it! :-) Shane loves it because it only cost about $30 to do - probably even a little less than that - we had some wood planks leftover.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breast Cancer and the Army of Women

Home - Army of Women

Here is an email I got from Shane's cousin Tammi ---

Ladies…I hope everyone is doing well these days but I would like to tell you about something I saw on the Today Show…I know, but this is really important.

Avon has teamed up with the Love foundation to create an organization called the Army of Women. This organization teams breast cancer researchers with HEATHLY women and women at risk for breast cancer to try and discover the cause of breast cancer. Volunteers are needed and minimal action is required. Bodily fluids, such as urine, blood, and saliva, are needed for research and needed from healthy women. There is no travel involved and most donations are in the form of a mail in kit. Please visit this website, do a little research, and if you're interested please volunteer. Come on, we all have some extra bodily fluids!

Thanks, and remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It should be easy and if it can help - all the better for our mothers, sisters, and daughters!

One of my friends from Tucson just had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer and yes, she is my age (which I realize isn't young, but it isn't old either). It affects women (and men) of all ages, lifestyles, socioeconomic status, etc.

OK - Save the World blog over...