Saturday, February 28, 2009

The job search and the job

I know I haven't posted in quite a while, but hadn't realized until my dear old dad told me it had been a month! Sorry!! So, to warn you, there may be a bunch of posts today.

The last week in January was filled, for me at least, with tons of interviews! Tons!

I interviewed with Opportunity Village, which is a day work program for developmentally disabled adults. I really wanted to work in a lab. After all, that is what I went back to school to do. But, Vegas is tough on MLT's. They can hold out for MT's since UNLV is right here with a program. That said, there were also very few openings even for MT's. Stupid economy! So, I figured my old stand by would be to go back into social services. I applied, got a call back, and did two interviews. This organization would really be a wonderful place to work. They do great things and it seems a stand up program that cares about their employees. After my 2nd interview, I was told I would probably be receiving a call about a job.

I was also still in the middle of interviewing with Siemens. This is the job I really, really wanted. If I got the job, I would be working with chemistry analyzers in real labs. It was down to me and one other person, but we each still had two interviews with two other individuals to get through and I had no idea where I stood.

My third interview was basically an administrative position with the Nevada Donor Network. It was peripherally medically related and since Dad had a transplant I actually knew some of the terminology, etc.

My first choice was to work for Siemens, then the NDN, then Opp Village.

I got a call on Thursday for Opp Village, basically offering me the job if I called them back. I told them I would contact them next week. They were not happy, but I needed time to hear back from Siemens.

I did finally hear from Siemens - and got the job!! Mom was home with me when I got the news and we had a celebratory dance together!! Good times!

After going through the pre-employment stuff, my first day was Feb 23. I was able to follow a co-worker who had to come to Vegas to visit one of my future clients. I learned so much! I would go into details, but it wouldn't be very interesting unless you were a lab geek like me. I spent three days with her. On Friday, I received my laptop and car. This is such a grownup job!

Anyway, I will be travelling a ton once I get into the swing, but so far I am just trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing. I will have a two week stint in Delaware at the end of April. I am very excited and thankfully, Shane and Lauren are too.