Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breast Cancer and the Army of Women

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Here is an email I got from Shane's cousin Tammi ---

Ladies…I hope everyone is doing well these days but I would like to tell you about something I saw on the Today Show…I know, but this is really important.

Avon has teamed up with the Love foundation to create an organization called the Army of Women. This organization teams breast cancer researchers with HEATHLY women and women at risk for breast cancer to try and discover the cause of breast cancer. Volunteers are needed and minimal action is required. Bodily fluids, such as urine, blood, and saliva, are needed for research and needed from healthy women. There is no travel involved and most donations are in the form of a mail in kit. Please visit this website, do a little research, and if you're interested please volunteer. Come on, we all have some extra bodily fluids!

Thanks, and remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It should be easy and if it can help - all the better for our mothers, sisters, and daughters!

One of my friends from Tucson just had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer and yes, she is my age (which I realize isn't young, but it isn't old either). It affects women (and men) of all ages, lifestyles, socioeconomic status, etc.

OK - Save the World blog over...

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