Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a little update after a brief absence

We are still just trying to get situated here. I can't believe we have been in the house two weeks already! Some days it feels like we have only been here hours and others years!

I am completely worn out most of the time! I know - waah, waah!

Lauren has made some new friends at school and some even live in our neighborhood! She has been riding her bike to and from school and is LOVING that! Mom only followed her once! :-)

Here is a smilebox I made of Lauren's room (and one guest room picture). It is the only room that is really finished - although I keep finding boxes and don't know where to put them in here!

Click to play Lauren's Room
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I will try to get better at just posting throughout the week. I feel like I need something to write about, but I guess a blog is really just what's going on even if it is nothing. I am hoping to get settled and then have some time to really learn this blogging thing. I really hate the background and want a new cool template. My friend Michelle (The Dream Team) has one and so does my friend Loni (Dog Eared Digest).

Anyway, Directv is coming in a few minutes to get us set up so I best be welcoming them so my hubby can have his football tomorrow!


Briana said...

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cara said...

Everything seems to be falling into place.. too bad I'm not closer, I'm an expert mover (unfortunately, the Navy has taught me well!!) Hopefully our next move will be the last!
Don't worry about blogging much, I go through phases.. sometimes I have a lot to say, sometimes not! It's just fun to check in and see what you are up to!

Have a super week!