Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gymastics - finally

We finally got Lauren back into gymnastics after a 3 month respite. We were a little afraid she had lost some skills. We went in to do a trial class. They were going to put her into a beginner class, but was able to have one of the instructors test her right away. They put her into the Blue group. As she was practicing with the blue group the owner saw her and pulled her to test her further and moved her up into the Bronze group which is a competitive group. It is about the equivalent of an Arizona Level 3A (advanced). It is a lower level competition - most states don't even let their level 3's compete. It will be a great experience and Lauren is thrilled with the fact she is learning routines along with new skills. She is currently going to be attending twice per week (one day down from Tucson) and we will see how that goes. Competitions are supposed to start at the beginning of the year, so we will try to keep up on updates.

Click to play Lauren in gymnastics
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The pictures aren't the best. It is hard to take pictures through plexi. Tonight she is going to a Parent's Night Out which the gym does every month (are we loving this gym or what!!!). She will be there from 6pm-12am. Shane, Alex, and I are going to Circus Circus to check out the multiple haunted houses they advertise. Should be fun!

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