Saturday, October 25, 2008


Lauren joined one of the clubs at her school. Shane and I call it the "Do gooder club" or her "Save the World club". She isn't too fond of either nickname for the "Give Back Club". They sent a flyer out mid last week about a 5K fun run today (October 25) for charity. We all decided to participate. Alex did the most training (man, what I wouldn't give for a 24 year old body and mind!) with one week of running every night. Shane ran once, but it was an overdone run where he ran way too long and too far for someone who hasn't run in years! I ran once and really did okay. However, my good intentions to run every night were thwarted by gymnastics (see previous post) and other such nonsense. Lauren ran the one time with me.

So....Alex finished first with a time of 33 minutes; Shane with 35 minutes; Lauren at 45 minutes; and I finished! ;-) Lauren stuck with Shane and Alex for the first half mile, then her shoe laces came undone and she came back with me. I was on a pretty good little pace for myself (run 5 cones and walk 2-3 cones place about 1/10 of a mile apart). She is a great sprinter, but when the rest times came she was more into those. My even pace was thrown for a loop. She is also a clinger wanting to hold my hand or arm while we were walking which slowed me down even more. When we were within 1/4 mile of the finish I let her race on ahead. Shane and Alex cheered her on. Both of them missed seeing me right behind Lauren since they were so excited to see her!!

I also got injured which really has slowed me down for most of the race (not that I would have broken any land speed records with no injury or child holding me back, but...). Here are some pictures, especially for those of you whining you haven't seen any pictures of me (I am in the middle picture, that is Alex, Shane's cousin on the bottom with Shane and Lauren for those of you who might mistake me for a hot, young 24 year old!)!

I hope to keep up on the running and possibly get back into it. I ran years ago, developed shin splints training for a marathon and stopped training and gained all my weight back. I really do sort of miss it, okay maybe not really, but it was a necessary evil that let me eat lots more dessert than I eat now. I will keep you posted....probably....maybe....we'll see...


cara said...

Ha! You look great!!! And you ran a LOT farther than I would have~~ I am SOOOO not a runner! Congrats girlie for jumping into running again- Head first!!!

Sanford and Michelle said...

I love the pictures! You look great! I love the pictures!The blisters look very painful! The whining has now ceased. :D

LingoVise Says... said...

Good grief... you've got to be kidding - right?! Running??? You guys are killin' me - I can't even imagine running down to the mail box ;)

Love that you've got your blog up & running - the updates and photos are awesome!