Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pahrump, Nevada

I totally forgot about this little jaunt we took the other night for dinner...we went to Pahrump, NV. It is a town about an hour drive straight west from our house.

The plan was to find something to do and somewhere to eat. We drove the 8 hour drive to Pahrump. Okay, it was only an hour, but we had a whiny kid in the backseat...

We got there and found this little mom and pop place to eat which was packed to the gills. Looked great, but busy. Shane and Lauren were not into waiting so we drove up the road to one of the casinos there (WHEE!). We went in and lo and behold it looked like every other casino we have ever eaten/hung out in. The cafe and buffet were both very small and not a lot of choices, so I suggested we go back to SeeMoore's 2 and eat. My kids reluctantly agreed.

Turns out they were having a Pop Warner 5-6 year old football season ending party with trophies and awards and speeches.

We ended up getting a table when one of the families was trying to head out the door. It was a very long awards ceremony - too long for 5 and 6 year old boys and their many younger siblings. It was kind of fun (read - kind of creepy) in a very small town sort of way to watch all these people supporting their little ones.

The food was definitely from a "greasy spoon" type establishment which to us was pretty darn yummy. They also had an ice cream shop, but my "little ones" were just not as into this adventure as I was and we left without trying any of the dairy refreshments.

Maybe next time, I will go back by myself...

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LingoVise Says... said...

here's a real horror story... when The P was working in Vegas a few years back he stayed in Pahrump to shorten his commute out to the test site.

Nastay... poor guy.