Monday, November 10, 2008

My little chef...

Lauren made breakfast this morning. My mom got her a kit from Sassafras to make french toast. It was one of those Grandma gifts Lauren gets every once in while for just being her granddaughter. She loves those little care packages and since we don't see them often, it is a great little gift of love.

It was definitely a gift for her since I am not known to want her help in the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I try to be a good mom and do stuff with her. But anything that involves any kind of mess is truly not my thing. She didn't fingerpaint until preschool - that is the sort of thing you do in preschool for fun. If you do it at home, it takes the joy out of the experience at school, right?

Anyway, she has the next two days off from school, so I decided to let her give it a whirl. The kit came with a hat, a whisk, a mix for the french toast, some syrup, and some sprinkles. She did a great job mixing and dipping. The cooking part was more my job as she was more into deciding how to decorate the plate for dad.

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Next kit is cupcakes...maybe tomorrow...


LingoVise Says... said...

let's hope her cooking skills will out shine yours :)

unless of course - you're no longer having difficulty boiling water - those days crack me up! Too much fun.

Holly Crosley said...

Mine have come a long way! My nickname from my friends in Tucson for a while was Holly Homemaker. I cooked quite a bit, but it became a chore to come up with new recipes for someone who does not like trying new things.

I do remember not being able to cook though - those were the days! :-)

Anonymous said...

OH My.. I can totally relate!! Im so bad that I bought my kids their own Christmas Tree so that they don't want to decorate mine.. Is that bad??? Yeah.. I know, OCD Much???