Saturday, November 8, 2008

Consistent Parenting...yeah, right...

Last night, Lauren, Alex, and I were planning to go see Madagascar 2

Lauren completely lost her mind and was really talking back and being mouthy in general. Which really isn't too new, but she was not to be dissuaded. I gave her a few warnings and even gave her a little longer to get herself under control. No dice. I finally told her she was not going to go to the movies with us if she said one more word in that tone...she did. I told her she just lost her movie privilege. That inspired a complete meltdown. Lauren holds her emotions in quite a bit and when she lets loose, she lets loose with everything that has been bothering her since the last meltdown. It has to be exhausting - I know it is for me! So, we discussed why she would not be accompanying us to the movies and cuddled and talked about her "rough" life! :-)

In the car, Alex said she would not be a good parent because she would have caved and let her child come after an apology. There have been many times where I would have caved too. Those of you who know Lauren know she is a good kid overall and not at all bratty (at least 95% of the time). It would have been easy to tell her she could come - she truly was sorry.

Not being consistent makes you human not a bad parent. This moment, while I truly wish I had more of them, was one of my good ones. At least, in the matter of true and effective discipline. And, I am proud of myself and proud of Lauren for "womanning up" and taking the punishment responsibly.

WHEW! Alex and I did go to the movies at the Southpoint Casino, since it is the closest theater to us. We ended up deciding to see Role Models
A little different choice than Madagascar. Since it didn't start for 45 minutes we went into the casino and played penny slots. We were both able to play for 1/2 hour on $1 - nice entertainment value! The movie was vulgar, but very funny. Some of the lines are just hilarious (and some are just nasty). I don't know that it was worth the $10.50 price tag, but is probably worth a $4 rental. Honestly, I probably would have enjoyed Madagascar just as much and would have laughed just as hard... We shall see when I do get to take Lauren to see it.

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