Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good news and bad news...

Good news - we will (hopefully) close on our house on September 12 (yep, this Friday). Lauren and I will stay here in Tucson until this weekend. Shane will sign papers and fly in on Friday night and we will pack up and head to the new homestead on Saturday evening. Lauren starts school on Monday, the 15th. Perfect timing! God is good!

Bad news - I am 14th on the list for the crime lab job. The odds of me getting it at this point are slim to none. I need 13 people to drop out or not pass a background check! Not great odds... Back to the old drawing board. Once we are in Vegas for good, I can really start the job search in earnest. Really, though 14th out of over 100 people isn't too shabby, but not quite good enough!

I need to learn how to put little pictures and stuff in my blog so it will look cooler and be more fun to read! Any advice would be helpful!


cara said...

Hi there~!! Sounds like the move is going well so far.. at least you have a closing date and can concentrate on that! I'm sorry about the crime lab, do they keep your stuff on file for awhile?
I don't know anything about blogger, so I can't help with the pictures.. sorry!!!


Sanford and Michelle said...

Hello! It sounds like all is well. Rats about the crime lab! But, 14 out of 100 isn't to shabby at all!!