Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving in Nevada

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Lauren left this message for us when we woke up on Thanksgiving. Alex may have helped her hang it...

We decided to go to Primm, NV for Thanksgiving dinner. There was an interactive log ride where you can shoot things as you ride. Sounded fun. Primm is about 35 minutes from our house. A really quick drive down I-15 South. We headed down around noonish, through the rain, to Buffalo Bill's casino. We saw a roller coaster when we got there which normally would have brought joy and excitement to some of us. But, if you remember, we drove through the rain. Bummer, no coaster. We went to see about tickets for the log ride, where the sign said "Log ride guns are temporarily not working". WHAT???? None of us wanted to do a Lazy river ride, which is what it would have amounted to without guns! So, we ate at the buffet.

It was okay. Lots of traditional Thanksgiving stuffs.

Afterwards, we hit the arcade. It wasn't too exciting for us - some of the games just ate quarters - FUN!! Shane played Galaga, a favorite of his from years back, and the fire button was stuck. We did race motorcycles and then hit the dance, dance revolution game. Shane and Lauren went first - Shane really kicks hiney at that game. Then, Alex and I did it. We each danced 3 songs. Shane and Lauren thought it would be really funny to have us go expert on the last dance. I think I worked off lunch - it was manic. I really do not know how kids do it!

We were going to hit the outlet mall right there, but Alex wanted to hit the outlets on Black Friday. The outlets in Vegas (and Primm) were going to start their sales at midnight. Alex said she hadn't been part of shopping on Black Friday, so I said Lauren and I would go with her. This was Lauren just before we left...

We left around 11:45 to get to the stores just north of us on I-15. There was a huge backup on the interstate. When we finally got to the off ramp, there were lines in every direction to the mall. We drove around the mall and it was absolutely packed! We decided to forgo shopping and go home as neither of us like people enough to want to shop with them. :-) It took us nearly 2 hours to get to the mall and back without stopping (normally, a 45 minute round trip at most). Bummer!

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