Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Principal's Award

Lauren had an award's assembly on Monday. She didn't know what she was getting an award for or even what the assembly was about. But, she knew she was getting something since her teacher asked her how to spell her last name. (Don't even get me started...) Sue and Big Chaz were here for the "big day".

The assembly turned out to be for academic success in the first trimester for her track. She is in a year round school and there are 5 tracks which alternate breaks throughout the year.

Lauren gave us strict instructions - we were not to scream when her name was called, we were not to embarrass her in any way, shape, or form. In fact, if it was possible for us to pretend we just happened by the school and thought we would stop to see what was going on, that would pretty much be ideal. Okay, so I am paraphrasing a tad, but not too much!

She has a "posse" of friends. There are 4 of them who hang out at school together and then one of them lives right near us. I will butcher the spellings of their names, but here goes - Raquel, Katora (pronounced Kay-tora), Bailey (near by neighbor), and Lauren. We were told to cheer for them when their names were called and if they liked it, we could cheer a little for Lauren when her name was called.

When it came time for her 5th grade class - Lauren was the first one called up. It was for the prestigious "Principal's Award". Basically, a citizenship award, but only one person in each class could get it. It is kind of a big deal, so I was told later. She also got a certificate for A Honor Roll - getting all A's on her report card. Which, let me tell you, these days, is very difficult to get! I remember when I was in grade school - it was pretty much a cake walk. You show up, you try, you get an "A". It is definitely not so easy now. The standards have been raised and I am hoping she doesn't feel the pressure! Straight A's through her elementary career may affect what college she gets into!

Anyway, I are some pictures...
Part of the posse (I really am not certain who is who)
Lauren's class

We didn't listen and cheered for everyone (possibly even loud enough for others to hear)! And, poor Lauren, when her name was called, she stood, stumbled, tried to take a step, stumbled, walked up, stumbled. Apparently, her foot fell asleep. I am grateful to have a child who can shake it off. Her teacher explained why she was stumbling to the crowd and, well, who hasn't had that happen to them.... She is definitely my child - full of grace!

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